Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Exciting News about Amazon's Novel Awards--And a plea for your help!

I am very excited to announce that my novel, BREAK SONG, has made it to the quarter finals in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards!!!!

This is the writing world's equivalent of American Idol so now that I have made it past the original 10,000 entries to 2,000 and down to 500, I need your reviews to make it to the next level.

So, please, click on the link below and download the excerpt to my story and rate it. You can review it as well. My success depends on the number of good ratings. Hopefully there will be something in it that you find worth while!

My story is about a musician whose life takes a tailspin when his mother, Maria, abandons her family, but two things keep him on track--his childhood sweetheart, Evvie, and Maria's mandolin, which she'd taught him to play better than anyone in the Midwest. The band Adam forms has a promising future until his father destroys their recording contract.

The story follows Adam and Evvie in Detroit from the sixties to the present. Distraught after his band's breakup Adam turns to cocaine to soothe his soul and not even Evvie's affection can bring him back. He loses her to Michigan's north woods where she raises their child, and his addiction lands Adam in prison.

25 years later Adam is assaulted by his nemesis after a high school reunion and Evvie's lost letters surface. Now recovered from drugs, Adam reconciles with Evvie and his daughter he knew nothing about and he goes back to playing his music until his past has its final revenge.

So, here are the steps:
  1. Click the following link to Review BREAK SONG
  3. If the link doesn't work copy and paste it into your browser.
  4. The download is free and is accessible by clicking the button on the upper right corner. Sign up for free to become an Amazon member if you are not already.
  5. Write your review.
  6. After scrolling down to the bottom of the customer review section, click to create your own review.
  7. Return to the above link to give me a review...hopefully five stars!
  8. If you have any suggestions about my writing or the story line, I would love to hear your comments... write me at


cindy said...

Congrats on finaling!! That's great.

Jacqueline Carney said...

Thanks Cindy. I appreciate your support!

JETaylor said...

Jacqui - this is wonderful - the blurb you wrote here for the book is fabulous.

I'll definately be voting!