Sunday, March 6, 2011

Calico Crabs

They weren't very large and they weren't very threatening but these Calico crabs that I found on the beach today were definitely entertaining. They walk sideways on the sand. Lots of crabs do that. Supposedly these crabs are very efficient swimmers as well. They have paddle like claws for this.

I saw the larger one first and hoping it was still alive, which it was,  I picked it up and set it down closer to the shore's edge. There I found the smaller one. He was playing possum too. When I picked them up they came to life, spreading their eight legs and front claws and maliciously waving them like swords. Then as soon as I set them down they gathered themselves like turtles. So I found a large clam shell and set it over both of them to protect them from other beach walkers. Maybe they'll become friends.

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