Thursday, November 24, 2011

Flittering Clouds On Wings

We went to the Detroit Zoo to see, among other things, the butterfly garden. The sun shone on to the blossoming vines that meandered to the domed glass ceiling--vines that were alive with flittering from butterflies the size of postage stamps to those as large as a greeting card envelope. The magical effect these creatures created in every person lifted me. There were toddlers, octogenarians and mentally disabled all looking up in wonder...a crescendo of smiles.

I wondered what it was about butterflies that drew these smiles. Was it the freedom with which they soared? Or was it their natural beauty... effervescent colors and patterns? They're terribly fragile. Is that what endeared them to us all? Or was it their spontaneity...the way they landed for a moment, perhaps opened their wings, then floated away as if seeking some mysterious nectar?

I think, actually, it might have been their willingness to land on an open palm or a soft shoulder as if we were their very best friend. After all, we all need friends and sometimes friendship doesn't come so easily.
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