Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Daffodils Waited

Ach! It's spring. Goldfinches are the color of the forsythia...a sure sign. The bumble bees are making me guilty. They don't like 50 degree weather any more than I but they are out there buzzing through the quince blossoms, soaking in the glorious nectar. The sun shines. That is the draw and, though the season arrived early this year--nearly two weeks early--the blooms have remained hearty due to the cool nights.

Already I am planning ahead to the picket fence I'll put up for the puppies, the landscape additions to the side yard where our privacy has been compromised. Not a hedge of arborvitae as is so often the case in this suburban neighborhood, but a medley of pines and berry bushes for the birds to nibble all winter.

The cardinals are seeking their nesting places, the chickadees and goldfinch are scratching at the feeders which are in desperate need of re-filling and the robins are busy listening at the earth for signs of plump earthworms to pluck out.

I love it!

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