Thursday, October 2, 2008

Debate Impressions

Anyone else get the impression Sara came from a cookie cutter and has enough sugar coating to choke a goat?

There is no mistake, she is cut from the same mold as George Bush and John McCain despite her claims to the contrary... with a little less substance.

As many misgivings as I have had about Joe Biden I think he behaved himself and not only gave good, sound answers to Gwen's questions but poked some pretty solid holes in Sarah's answers and showed his family side.

What business did Sarah run as an executive? Less than two years as governor and six years as mayor of a city of less than 10,000.

She's a hockey mom with one kid going to war and one with special needs. Not enough background to run a country. She has opinions about public policy and the good fortune to be a 'maverick' just like the vice-presidential candidate who selected her.

I have just returned from Europe and it is painfully clear Sara has no clue how little the rest of the world thinks of our policies and our politics. They are anxious to see a new direction come out of the White House. They are taking this election much more seriously than the 'hockey mom' quips that Sarah likes to utter. Yes, we are living in a country that values its hometowns but we cannot deny we are also living in a global society that deserves validity.

How in God's name is she going to win the war, punish Wall Street and cut taxes all at the same time and from a folksy hockey mom's rubber glove ethic?

Gosh Darn it and God bless her, I just don't see it happening. And her 'Me vs Washington' claims just don't ring true.


Yvonne said...

You betch ya! And how any times did she wink at us? Obama Biden all the way!

mary1537 said...

I LOVE sugar cookies and I think she was great. Governor Palinheld her own up against a man who has been in government for 30 years. Where is the change in that?

we all have our opinions and get to excerise them on Tuesday, November 4.

I thought your blog would be about your cute puppies and not politcs. xoxo Mary (your only conservative friend)

Jennifer Carney said...

We had fun reading your post this morning. I have always liked Biden. He's a good catholic man trying to leave the world a little better place than he found it. I am sure Palin is doing the same. It's just unclear how she wants to get at the issues. You are correct that you can't cut taxes, deregulate, and win a war all at once unless you are willing to trade basic government functions along the way. -KYF