Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Blog Improvement Challenge, Week 1

I have linked into a blog called 'Out of the Blue', http://alessandrasplace.blogspot.com/2009/01/blog-improvement-project-week-1-setting.html,

Alessandra is going to walk her visitors through a year of blog improvement. I have high hopes!

The first assignment is to look back on 2008 and set goals for 2009.

2008 was the first year for my blog as a writer. It has lots of room for improvement.

I set up my other blog two years ago to write about my other love, dogs. It is http://gone2thdogs.blogspot.com.

My congent goal for Words 'n Wags is to post at least three times a week about what is happening in the literary world. One will be a book review, one my Monday Musings and one a sporadic commentary on whatever comes to my feeble mind.

My mechanical goal for Words 'n Wags is to increase my readership and meet people from around the world who share my love for books (and dogs...hard to separate the two).


Bogsider said...

Great goals for your Blog Improvement Project. I can't wait to see what happens around the book blogosphere when the projects are really rolling. It will be fun to see if we all end up making major changes or minor ones.

Alessandra said...

Ahem... thank you, but I'm not actually leading this project. Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness is doing it. That being said, I hope you have fun with your goals!