Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monday Musing--#2; Self Control and Religion

I know this is actually Tuesday but what are a few hours in the overall scheme of things? It will still be my Monday Musing.

In the New York Times today there is an article about a Dec. 29 post on John Tierney's blog, nytimes.com/tierneylab. His question was "Does religion promote self-control?"

I think his definition of religion is pretty open ended...ranging from Roman Catholic catechismic regulations to free-base meditation.

Anyway, the post they quoted in the paper that stuck with me was written by Guanshi Edyo. He says that "psychologists are only now starting to understand how a disciplined regimen of positive thinking can engender physical changes in the brain that increase health and well-being.'

Guanshi writes that religious practices such as yoga, pray, music and meditation are similar to techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy. I'm guessing Buddha knew that intuitively as did Jesus and Mohammed and agree with this writer that our scientists and doctors are just now catching up to them.

I was with some friends last night and we were discussing the fact that a new archbishop, a local guy, has been appointed to replace Cardinal Maida; which led to a brief discussion of religion and fell on the final note that it doesn't matter where our children go to church as long as they go.

I would take that one step beyond to say it doesn't matter if we 'go' someplace physical as long as we take time each day, yes--each day--to stop and smell the roses. It's not only for our own benefit but to improve our connections with those around us.

Hence my photo with this post...not a rose but a beautiful passion flower that graces the left side of my writing desk.

So I'm adding this to my goals for 2009...daily positive meditation coupled with daily brisk walks.

Think I can do it?


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Jennifer Carney said...

Of course you can do it! You can do anything you decide to do, Mom!